Qi healing / Qigong

I offer individual healing sessions and/or private Yuan Gong qigong lessons customized for each client.

Yuan Gong is is a Qigong system designed to improve our health and cultivate life as a whole. It trains the consciousness to open the body and the mind to facilitate our connection with Universal Qi (Qi of nature). Yuan Gong practice helps us learn to access this universal energy, improving the amount and quality of Qi.  Different Yuan Gong methods can be practiced to strengthen and heal the body and to settle and relax the mind.  Practicing Yuan Qigong can improve the quantity, quality and flow of Qi in our bodies, help improve our overall energy and mental state, and provide us with important tools for life cultivation.

In person sessions are available in the SF Bay area, and remote sessions are available anywhere, :-).

Tracey Bigelow - 415 302 5666